Chest Fat

Chest fat or enlarged breasts are often an embarrassing situation for men. This problem, officially known as Gynecomastia often effects the emotional well-being and the social lives of those that suffer with it. The fact is it isn’t even always related to overall weight. It can have roots in hormonal imbalances, genetics, stress, and many other issues that can be hard to diagnose, and control.

The reasons are almost secondary as men rarely struggle with the issue of cause as much as how to lose chest fat. There are various forms of exercise to lower chest fat, as well as surgery for mens chest fat. All of these can be good ways to deal with the problem of men’s chest fat.

Surgery for chest fat is expensive and often not covered by medical insurance. However, for some men the desire to be rid of the problematic areas is so great they opt for this solution regardless of cost or physical distress in recovery. Most surgical options offer immediate results after a period of healing, and the results are permanent.

Actually many men suffer from Gynecomastia to one degree or another, and spot exercises simply do not work for any area of the body and that includes the breast area. Overall exercise to lower total body fat is a much less costly solution, but a very long-term method that must be kept up in a life-long regimen. The results are usually very effective and the exercise benefits many other areas of the body, and overall health as well. In the end, however, exercise can often rid the body of excess fat but if the prior build up was significant enough; there may always be a remnant of skin tissue that would require surgical removal for permanent effect.

There are also various pills that can be used in order to lose chest fat, but these should always be taken under the advice of a physician and carefully monitored. Pill therapy can be most effective if your doctor has determined your chest fat is primarily caused by a hormonal imbalance. However, in extreme cases the same problem of excess skin may exist even after the fat has been eradicated and would require surgery for chest fat removal for a permanent solution to the sagging skin.

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