Gynecomastia (Abnormally Large Breasts in Men)

Growing up with Gynecomastia can be very difficult for young men. It can hinder their self esteem in a variety of ways. This condition refers to those men developing breasts similar to those of a female. This is a phenomenon that still needs to be explored further. It is quite common for this to start taking place during puberty.

However, most young men find it goes away in a couple of months. It may be very noticeable them but not to those around them. They may notice it but keep it to themselves. Since it can create some anxiety many health classes are now informing boys about this possible effect on their bodies.

Others though find that the development of breasts doesn’t go away. In fact, they continue to grow and they do become noticeable by others. Gynecomastia symptoms include tenderness and pain in the breasts, swelling in size that is quite noticeable, and clothing not fitting well across the chest region.

There are many different forms of Gynecomastia treatment. It will depend on how severe the situation is. There is the Gynecomastia bra that can be worn to hold the breasts in place. They help to flatten then against the chest so they won’t move around as a person does. Should you wear a bra if you have Gynecomastia? That really is a personal choice as well as something to discuss with your health care professional.

For some males, the development of breasts has to do with obesity. Devising a solid plan to help shed the pounds can help the problem go away on its own. The use of steroids can also result in Gynecomastia occurring. Changing the types of steroids that are used or discontinuing them can make all the difference.

Sometimes it can be trigged by other types of medical problems as well. It can be an indicator that cancer cells are present in the body. Therefore it is a good idea to have it evaluated by a doctor. Many young men are embarrassed to discuss it but getting correct information about what causes it and how to take care will be beneficial to them.

To help with the psychological factors associated with Gynecomastia, counseling or therapy is often a very good idea. The duration of it as well as how in depth it is to be will depend on the emotional reaction that the male has had to the development of Gynecomastia. An assessment can be completed and then a full treatment plan discussed after that.

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