Gynecomastia Surgery – Dangerous?

Although rarely discussed gynecomastia is a condition in which enlarged male breasts affects appoximately 40 to 60 percent of the male population. It is an embarassing condition that men rarely discuss with anyone. Still there is medical breast reduction surgery a procedure that can help some men with this condition. This procedure removes fat or glandular tissues from around the breast. Sometime the procedure removes excessive skin and this results in a flat and firmer chest for the patient. It is an option for some men that need to correct the problem.

Gynecomastia is actually a common condition in men. Sometimes it is known as mens chest fat surgery. It can result in teasing and humiliation for many men. Many hide the condition by wearing heavy shirts. Some men never go swimming or take off their shirts where you can see their bare chest. There are qualified doctors or surgeons that specialize in this type of surgery. It is important if you seek help for this problem to seek qualified help by reputable surgeons and doctors. This condition can effect both breasts for men and it has been linked to some medications that people take.

The best candidate for surgery for gynecomastia or men’s chest fat surgery are healthy men of any age. It is not a good idea for anyone overweight who has not tried to control their weight with exercise and diet. Anyone that drinks alcohol or takes drugs is not considered a good risk for this type of surgery. Drugs plus the combination of anabolic steroids may cause the condition of gynecomastia. Stopping the use of alcohol, drugs and steroids may reverse the condition. All surgery requires risk but a qualified plastic surgeon reduces the risk a person takes when having surgery.

Some of the risks of the operation include infections, skin injury, bleeding, and excessive fluid loss or accumulution. The procedure at times may cause scars in the breast area, pigment or skin color changes, or mismatched breasts or nipples. There may be numbness and loss of sensation in the breast area. A consultation with a doctor will require a complete physical. Some conditions that cause gynecomastia are liver problems, use of estrogen, anabolic steroids, herbal test additives, and testicular hormone production. The exam may require a mamogram or x-rays. Some doctors send patients to an endocrinologist doctor who specializes in treatment of glands. Sometimes blood tests and chromosome mapping test are required. The cost of the operation may be covered by some medical insurance but check carefully before you make arrangements.

Some doctors may use bodyshape undergarments and diet with exercise on some men instead of surgery. The most important point is to find a reputable doctor and surgeon and get a complete medical exam before ungoing any gynecomstia surgery or treatment. It is important to remember that you are not alone many men suffer for this condition. So men’s chest fat surgery may be a solution for you.

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