Gynecomastia Symptoms

The development of breasts in some males is known as Gynecomastia. There are some symptoms that could indicate that it is taking place. Should you find you have some of these symptoms you should discuss it with your doctor. There are quite a few treatment options available. It will depend on what the cause of the Gynecomastia is for you though.

The type of Gynecomastia that is present will also determine which of the symptoms are experienced. They can range in severity from very mild to quite severe. Sometimes it can be an indication of a major health concern. If you are experiencing the growth of breasts as well as being fatigued all the time you need to see a doctor.

This could be an indication that your liver isn’t functioning like it should be. The longer this goes undiagnosed the more difficult it can be to correct the problem. Paying attention to the symptoms of Gynecomastia can help you to stay as healthy as possible. In most instances though the symptoms aren’t going to be a sign of anything life threatening or a major health concern.

For most males, the onset of Gynecomastia takes place during puberty if it is going to happen. For others it is triggered by changes in hormone levels or the introduction of steroids to their bodies. Soreness and tenderness around the breast area and the nipples is a very common symptom. There may be swelling associated with it as well.

The development of fatty tissue around the breast area is a symptom of Gynecomastia as well. Many males find this when they have put on additional weight. That isn’t the only time though. If the Gynecomastia is hereditary then this symptom can occur as well.

The physical change in the size of the breasts is a symptom of Gynecomastia. It can be difficult to hide this characteristic and many males are quite embarrassed by it. That is why you should be getting it looked into when the other symptoms are occurring. The growth of the actual breasts can create quite a bit of physiological damage for the individual.

One common problem is that Gynecomastia is misdiagnosed by medical professionals. So make sure you are informed enough about it to bring the possibility of it up to your own doctor. If you have such symptoms you may need to see another doctor yours isn’t taking Gynecomastia into consideration.Gynecomastia Symptoms

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