How to Hide Your Man Boobs

Having man boobs can be embarrassing and can very quickly decrease your self-esteem. For those that have trouble actually getting rid of them, finding out how to hide your man boobs is the next best thing.


Wearing a sport bra designed for women is one way to hide them. You can put a sports bra under a man’s undershirt to make it less noticeable. The sports bra will make your chest appear flatter, while also holding your man boobs in place. It may be embarrassing going to the store in search of women’s sports bras that will work for you, but in the long run, your chest will look great and nobody will know what you’re wearing underneath your shirt.

There are certain colors and patterns that can be worn to make your chest look smaller. Wearing black, dark blue, and even brown will make you look slimmer and will help you hide your man boobs. Shirts with patterns can also be helpful. The pattern will draw attention away from your man boobs themselves. Try to stay away from stripes and shirts with pockets right over your chest. Any other pattern will work.


Figuring out how to hide your man boobs with different fabrics is essential. Thick fabrics are better than thin fabrics, just for the sake of hiding the nipples. Thick cotton works best. If you don’t like shirts with thick fabrics, layering is your next option. You can still wear your thin t-shirts, you will just have to wear more of them and pair them with other techniques. For example, if you wear a sports bra, you may be able to get away with the thinner shirts. If you have a button-up shirt, try wearing it open with another shirt underneath. This will hide your man boobs in a flattering way.

Another important process in figuring out how to hide your man boobs is making sure that all of your clothes fit. Wearing tight clothes will do your chest no justice. Try something loose for best results.

Compression Vests

If you’re looking for an extreme measure, there are always compression garments. These will work like a women’s sports bra, but are generally tighter. These will keep everything in place and make your chest appear much flatter. Before you go for something this extreme, however, try wearing a very tight tank top under your clothes and see if you need to spend the money on a compression garment.

With just a few small adjustments to your lifestyle, it’s easy to learn how to hide your man boobs. Not only will you look and feel better, but your confidence will soar.

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