Children & Teenager Man Boobs – Usually not Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the process of males developing breasts that resemble those of females. There are quite a few causes of this including genetics, drug use, and puberty. It can be a very difficult issue to deal with as it can be hard to understand what is taking place. Other people are often quick to make fun of men with breasts as well. They may think that it has something to do with their sexual preferences and make references to that nature.

In our society a great deal of emphasis is placed on a person’s physical appearance. So having Gynecomastia can affect how a person fits in socially, especially young children or developing adolescents. It can prevent them from developing personal relationships, feeling comfortable in crowds, and even securing employment. While discriminating due to such physical appearances is illegal it still takes place.

More is known about it today than before so those growing up with Gynecomastia can find some relief with that. They don’t have to feel guilty that they have it or wonder what is wrong with them. There are also plenty of options for taking cure of it including surgery. That is often a last resort though when no other cause for it such as puberty or drug use is identified.

Still, many individuals children and teenagers growing up with Gynecomastia have low self confidence. They are withdrawn and often lonely. Many suffer from depression as well because they feel they are missing out on important aspects of life. It often will develop around 11-14 years of age. That is a very impressionable age for any young man so dealing with it can be extremely difficult to understand.

Some teenagers attempt to hide it for as long as they can. They wear loose fitting shirts. Many don’t even tell their parents about it if they can get away with it. For most it will pass as they go through puberty. For others though it doesn’t and the breasts continue to get larger until they can no longer be hidden.

Something as simple as removing your shirt to play sports at school can be devastating if you are growing up with Gynecomestia. That is why learning all you can about it will really help to be able to deal with it. Don’t let it consume your life because you will miss out on a great deal if you do.

Getting counseling is important because it can help to take care of those negative feelings. A male doesn’t have to allow growing up with Gynecomastia to control his life. It can be diagnosed and controlled or eliminated so that you don’t have to be growing up with Gynecomastia.

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