What are Moobs?

Moobs, or man boobs are actually a condition called gynecomastia which is caused by a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance is usually combined with lack of healthy eating or poor diet and little or no exercise and an increase in estrogen in the body. Moob is really the slang term for gynecomastia but they have been called anything from fat moobs to man moobs and gay moobs. Anyone who has seen the movie Fight Club is all too familiar with what man moobs look like on a guy but truthfully, having them yourself is all too embarrassing for most men.

Along with the embarrassment, there are also various health reasons associated with gynecomastia or moobs. Those with moobs may be producing too much estrogen which has feminine-like side effects such as but not limited to stoppage of facial hair growth, raising the voice and of course, moobs. This is probably hard for any man to take. We admire to our girlfriend’s breasts, not grow our own.

The real problem with man moobs is that there is no quick fix to what could become a lifelong problem. There is no simple pill to take or shot to get and you cannot just wish them away. Often the proper reaction to gynecomastia or moobs should be to change your lifestyle including eating habits and exercise levels. This will definitely include switching to a better, healthier diet and cutting out the fatty foods that probably contributed to the growth of your moobs. You will also need to begin an exercise regimen. This will serve as a jump start to your metabolism which will begin to work on problem areas of your body such as your moobs.

It may give you some small amount of comfort to know that more than 4,000 men in Britain last year had surgery to reduce their moobs. In addition, it is reported that around 60 percent of males during puberty experience some amount of gynecomastia and develop moobs. So moobs are fairly common and most doctors have treated patients with the condition or they have at least heard of the condition.

Yor doctor can also refer you to a surgeon. If you actually demanded a quick fix from your doctor, then you could possibly have your moobs surgically fixed by reducing them to a normal, male size. However, reduction surgery this is only a temporary solution to what could be an ongoing problem and a serious health risk. Consider completely evaluating your lifestyle by getting a full physical and nutritional workup. If the doctor works on the outside and you work on the inside, you may just be successful in losing your moobs.

Whatever way you choose to go, you definitely should make a change in your life to reduce yourself from further embarrassment and to live a healthier lifestyle. This will reduce the amount of estrogen in your body and reduce your moobs. Moobs or gynecomastia is definitely a condition that can be brought under control with proper measures.

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