A Bra for Gynecomastia?

That is the question. Should I wear a bra? NO! Instead, ask yourself these questions.

Number one, get a simple, cheap, easy blood test to check if you have a thyroid problem. Call your health care provider and ask for a thyroid function test. You can go to any local lab to get a blood test that takes only a few minutes. The pain and risk factors are really low. The test will give you an answer, “yes, or “no.”

If you have a thyroid deficiency, your health care provider can order a thyroid supplement. You take a pill once a day, problem solved.

Second question, am I overweight? If the blood test confirmed that you do not have hypothyroidism, and you are overweight, this is another cause of gynecomastia. Make an attempt to loose weight. Exercise, join a gym, walk 30 minutes every day, or buy an at-home video. When you start to loose weight in your chest, be sure to strengthen those muscles. The result may be excess skin instead of gynecomastia.

Third question, do I smoke pot? If you smoke, this could be the reason for your enlarged breasts.

Statistics show that smoking pot may enlarge the male breasts. The percentage is small, but do not rule it out as a cause for the problem. Go to the American Cancer Society website to find details.

Fourth, and final question, is gynecomastia inherited? Any human condition can be inherited. Check with family members, ask about the family tree. If it is inherited, the choices are these: get a breast reduction, wear spandex from armpits to waist. OR, engage the people around you. Let them enjoy your bright, wonderful, smile, your caring nature,and good sense of humor. Then the question of, “to bra, or not to bra?” will be easily answered.

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